Newman Lake Kayak Paddle, Eastern Washington

     I looked out the window at work and saw nothing but blue skies on a Friday, so I got off early and rushed home. I walked through the door and asked the kids who wanted to go kayaking, Kylie was all in. I rushed outside and packed the boats and provisions in the truck before we hit the road. Yeah, it was the nicest Friday of the year so far and well before Memorial Day so it should be a perfect opportunity for solitude on one of the more developed local lakes.

     We pulled into the public boat launch north of Cherokee Bay on Newman Lake just this side of the border from Idaho. I was surprised to the find the parking lot full, bummer! Being a year round fishery lots of folks were out trying their luck, including us as I packed my fishing pole for the trip. I backed the truck down to the ramp and quickly unloaded all the gear and boats. It was a bit windy when we pulled in but by the time we hit the water the winds had died down. We paddled northwest along the lake shore past private property in Hampton Bay to Bass Point. Kylie was doing great, this was the first time I had an opportunity to paddle with her in her own boat and for being a rather small six year old, she rocked it.

     We paddled along making our way around the giant rock at Bass Point continuing north past more private property. The going was slow, but that’s OK, no agenda here, just some quality time with my little girl was all I was here for. Kylie’s little arms soon got tired, the little ones can’t paddle using their core muscles like us adults can, so I tied her up to a tow rope and toted her along. She enjoyed the break which gave her more time to take in the scenery around us. Approaching the Mackenzie Conservation Area and the end of development we were afforded stunning views toward Ragged Ridge and snow capped Mount Spokane. We paddled past the last cabin before we put down our paddles and enjoyed the drift while Kylie had a snack. After our much needed break we picked up the paddles and returned the way we came to the boat launch. I tried my hand at the spin rod throwing shiny things at the bank and trolling lures behind us when paddling, but no luck. The trip was nice, though the lake was a little busier than I had anticipated. We paddled about 3 miles total. I can’t wait to get back out there with my little girl, she is such a trooper! For more pictures click the link. Newman Lake Kayaking Pictures

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